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Building tools, access ChatGPT 3.5 through Telegram

Carlos Fernández

At Parrot we love Telegram, we use it for our daily communications at work but also for our personal lives. We believe communication tools are best when they allow certain levels of extensibility on their platforms.

Telegram excels at that, Telegram let us build tools on top of their wonderful messaging app to help us communicate better, not only with our peers, friends and family but also with the systems we build and mantain at Parrot.

On recent trends we’ve also found value out of the accessibility to AI tools and APIs such as Open AI ChatGPT and others, we believe these tools can greatly augment our creative capabilities and curious minds. After all, we want to make use and get value out of the available technologies out there.

That and other things are the reasons why we’ve decided to build a publicly accesible Telegram Bot to access and use ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo directly from your Telegram. Just text the bot and you’ll be all set, you can prompt the bot and play around with the custom model, we keep no information around your prompts other than the usage cost in tokens to measure the usage of the API.

We hope someone finds this proxy tool useful and, let us know if you have any ideas or questions around it.

Is it free to use?

No, we’ll cover the first 1,000 tokens of usage at our expense but after that you will be prompted to recharge your available token balance for $1 USD. If you want to know more about how pricing for OpenAI APIs work you can read more in their website.