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Parrot CRM is a powerful tool created to innovate the way you sell, improve customer service, increase productivity and save time on tedious tasks. This CRM has been designed by a team of sales experts hand in hand with a group of talented developers resulting in a unique CRM Software.

This CRM is equipped with super powers that will change the way you work.

  • Omnichannel
  • Sales report
  • Calendar of activities
  • Recibos de compra.
  • Customer portfolio
  • Web forms creation

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Novedades en Parrot

  • New Feature

    Profile Picture

    Set up your Parrot CRM account by adding a profile picture, this will make it easier for account partners to identify you, additionally, your profile will look great.

  • New Feature

    Receipt creation

    Create price quotes or sales receipts from Parrot CRM. Add your company logo and generate fully customized price quotes in minutes, save them as PDF documents and send them in one click.

  • New Feature

    Kanban visualization

    Easily and comfortably visualize the stage of each of your conversations with a Kanban board visualization. Always keep control over the follow-ups with your customers, Identify bottlenecks and improve your sales flow.

  • New Feature

    Viewer mode

    Check in real time which of your team members are reviewing a message or lead in your Parrot's inbox. Whenever a member of your organization is in a particular message, their profile picture will appear on the message card or in the conversation header.

  • New Feature

    Custom customer fields

    Customize your customer file with fields that help your sales team identify your customers' needs, add tags, multiple choice, comments and everything you need to enrich your customer portfolio.


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