Manage your customer database

Forget about customer management in Excel

Take control over your customer database with our CRM Software. Manage your customers contact information, group current and past conversations for the same customer and add relevant information for proper profiling of your leads.

Store your customer information

Almacena tu informaci贸n

Your secret tool for effective tracking.

Keep a close relationship with your customers and record relevant contact data, such as: phone numbers, company, location and past conversations. Your team will always have essential information available to customize commercial proposals or to resume future sales.

Historial de conversaciones

Lifetime online storage of your past conversations.

Parrot CRM stores each of your customer conversations and maintains a detailed history of the customer contact information. This will allow you to follow up on any sales opportunities at any time more effectively.

Historial de conversaciones

The key to sell more is to know more.

Having only the contact details of a customer is not enough to know their real purchase intentions and not even to be able to profile them. With Parrot CRM you can add internal notes that only your sales team can access and that will be vital to a successful closing.

You will know your customers better than they know themselves.

With Parrot CRM you can generate multiple Sales Opportunities, which are equivalent to having a detailed file of each of your commercial projects with your customers. These Sales Opportunities are also stored in your potential customers file so that your salespeople can consult them at any time.

Control de tus prospectos
Control de tus prospectos

Separate B2C from B2B because they are not the same.

Classify and divide your business customers (B2B) from your private customers (B2C), so that each type of potential customer receives personalized attention according to their budget and specific needs. Your sales team will be able to make filters to specialize in the type of customer they are assigned. In other words, your sales team will be able to operate with a powerful tool and use the most appropriate communication according to the profile of your customer.

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