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The best CRM Software that allows you to create price quotes online

Create PDF price quotes instantly with Parrot CRM

Parrot CRM is the best software for consultative sales that also allows you to generate price quotes and PDF receipts to increase and improve your response times. Empower your business today with the best CRM.

Crea Cotizaciones y facturas online

Forget about creating price quotations in Excel and Word

Crea cotizaciones en minutos

More price quotations in less time

With Parrot CRM you will be able to generate a price quote or a pdf receipt in minutes, as our software stores your company information and automatically adds it to the receipt, it also recognizes your customer's information and adds it to your receipt.

Send professional price quotations

Generate price quotes and budgets like the big guys. In our CRM software you only have to worry about adding your receipt information because our platform automatically generates a professional and customized template.

Store and send in PDF format

No more need for other expensive and difficult to use software. With Parrot CRM you have a PDF receipt generator included with your account where you can create receipts and price quotes in a couple of clicks.

Set up your price quotation information

Send price quotes and receipts to your customers at lightning speed

Time is crucial during the sales process, that's why we develop tools that help your sales team improve customer service and increase sales closings. Creating price quotes, purchase receipts, or invoices is no longer a tedious process. With Parrot CRM you'll have receipts in a matter of clicks.

  • Customize

    Add a personal touch to your price quotes by adding your company colors and logo to get professional and personalized price quotes.

  • General data

    Set up the information that will always be sent on your receipts such as: contact details, greetings, signatures, etc. Do it only once and forget about it.

  • Smart Receipts

    Our price quote creation tool takes your stored customer information and adds it automatically. This saves you a lot of time when sending price quotes.

Cloud storage

Your price quotes and budgets always at hand

A great benefit of using Parrot CRM to create your receipts and price quotes is that you can have a complete record of all the documents created for each of your customers and you can consult, download or send them whenever you want. You will never lose any data.

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