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The CRM with a free estimate creation tool.

Create PDF estimates easy with Parrot CRM

Parrot CRM is good for conversational sales, while you negotiate with your customer it allows you to create PDF estimates and simple receipts, improving the estimate loop. Don't waste more time sending PDF estimates and try out Parrot CRM Tools.

Crea Cotizaciones y facturas online

Forget about creating estimates in Excel and Word

Create and send professional estimates in minutes

Learn how to send your estimates using Parrot for free

Export and save as PDF

If you wish, you can download the quotes created to have a backup on your computer or print your invoices.

Send with a click

Every minute counts. Once you finish creating your quote, you can quickly insert it into the conversation with your client.

Store on the cloud

Don't lose sight of your quotes. In Parrot CRM, all your online-created quotes are automatically stored.

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Parrot is the perfect fit for your sales, marketing and support team. A powerful and great unified inbox for all your team needs.

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