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Connect your company to the world

Connect your email, Whatsapp Business and website forms to a single platform. In Parrot CRM you will be able to receive all your customer messages in one place.

CRM Multi Inbox

Omnichannel Platform

Turn your conversations into sales.

Parrot stores all conversations recorded per customer without exception. This allows you to have at your fingertips a powerful history of messages and conversations with a potential customer.

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All e-mails, one inbox

Nothing better than having everything organized and centralized. That's why our CRM software allows you to connect all the emails you want, web forms, and WhatsApp Business. In addition, manage your Parrot inbox with labels that allow you to easily filter and find messages.

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Connect WhatsApp Business

We know the power of fast and effective communication, that is why we have developed a powerful CRM software that allows you to connect WhatsApp business, improve customer service experience and enhance sales tracking. With Parrot CRM you will have a real business advantage.

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Automated Responses

Automated Responses

Improve your sales flow

Automate communication processes and improve your responses with Parrot CRM's powerful tools that allow you to create automatic responses, add tags and comments for effective control over each lead generated.

Review, share and analyze information.

Call your team at any time

Your team will become a sales army. With Parrot CRM, you will be able to share and review with your team, the leads you have doubts about or need support on, just share the link to the conversation to bring in reinforcements.

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Parrot is the perfect fit for your sales, marketing and support team. A powerful and great unified inbox for all your team needs.

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