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Identify your top sellers in real-time

Take control over your company's results by identifying the vendors with the highest sales rates. Generate and download daily, monthly or annual reports, such as: productivity of your sales team, leads managed and number of conversations made with customers. Find the bottlenecks in your sales funnel and assign more opportunities to your star staff.

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The data is yours, use it to grow your business and maximize your profits.

Discover the different sales reports you can generate and export to Excel from Parrot CRM: Geographic locations with the highest concentration of customers, messages received per day, productivity of your sales force, follow-ups done and sales closed. Take advantage of the power of your commercial information to align it with your company's growth objectives.

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Demographic Reports

Countries and cities where you have more customers

Do you know where your most profitable customers are located?

Parrot is a CRM software that provides you with demographic information about your customers. This means that you will know the most profitable geographic locations for your company and optimize the efforts of your sales team and your marketing campaigns.

Productivity reports

Identify your top sellers

Our CRM software will allow you to have more control over your sales team. Get a detailed overview of the sales leads managed, the follow-ups performed and the closings achieved by your sales agents. Boost your team's productivity, improve sales strategies and reward your best team members.

Analyze sales opportunities and potential customers contacted in a specific period of time. Review the status of your sales and fine-tune business strategies to improve your closing rates.

Productivity reports

More super-powers from Parrot CRM

Reporte de visitas de tu sitio.

Conversations by day, month and year
Analyze and identify the periods of time in which your company generates the greatest number of conversations with your customers. This data will allow you to know which are the moments with the highest concentration of traffic, to know the behavior of your customers and to improve the decision making process that generates more sales.
Sales opportunities and customer profiles
A Parrot Sales Opportunity is similar to having a file on each of your projects. The information included in a Sales Opportunity is the first step in profiling your customers and it allows you to give personalized attention and follow-up to each one.
Sales leads report from your ecommerce
Analyze the number of users and potential customers who visit your website, online store and contact forms. You will be able to know and measure the relevant activity of your ecommerce to identify which specific days and times generate more leads in your Parrot CRM database.

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