Creaci贸n de respuestas r谩pidas

Creating quick responses

Forget about the most tedious tasks

In Parrot CRM you can create and save answers to your customers' most frequently asked questions and access them in one click.

Crea respuestas automaticas

Provides tools to improve the performance of your sales team

Improve your response times

Thanks to our quick response tool, you will be able to answer your customers' questions and concerns in less than a minute and provide first class customer service.

Increase your sales conversions

Improving your response time and answering all your customers' questions will increase the chances of a successful closing of the sale since you will have generated a relationship with your potential customers.

Focus on the most relevant leads

Don't waste your time typing repetitive answers and improve your sales process. Focus your sales skills on the leads that require follow-up and let Parrot CRM take care of the tedious work.

Create quick replies to your customers' questions

A CRM that makes you an unstoppable seller.

When it comes to sales, time is one of the most important customer-facing issues, that's why Parrot CRM is designed to simplify each of your sales team's tasks so they can focus on what matters most: the customer.

  • Create and store future answers

    Identify and prepare answers to your customers' most frequently asked questions, then access and send them in a couple of clicks.

  • Determine your most common answers

    Highlight the answers you use the most depending on your sales process and access them in your text box.

  • Customize your workspace

    Determine which responses you want to display according to the sales stage your customer is in. Sending a greeting is not the same as sending payment methods information.

Perform a smart sales process.

Create a workspace for you and your sales team.

In our quick response panel you will not only be able to create content to respond to your customers but you will also be able to set up advanced settings to have a smart workspace.

  • Edit the privacy of your answers

    When creating your quick responses you can define whether the response you have created can be used by your entire team or if it is only for you.

  • Categorize

    Highlight the answers you use the most depending on your sales process and access them in your text box.

  • Connect your answers to the pipeline

    Make your answer box a smart feature, assign quick responses to your sales opportunity pipeline and access them quickly.

Other Parrot CRM Super Powers

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