Optimize communication with your customers and increase your sales

Improve your sales funnel and increase your sales rate with a CRM software tool that will allow you to manage and optimize the communication with your customers in an easy way.

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CRM para administrar e-commerce

Parrot is the only CRM software made for consultative selling.

Communicate and follow-up with your customers. Our platform is brilliantly designed with the help of expert salespeople and advisors to simplify the most tedious and demanding tasks of the process and ensure the growth of your sales.

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Manage the real-time status of your sale

Sales funnel

Improve and identify your sales funnel with the help of our powerful software that will allow you to better profile your customers and debug the "leads" received.

Productivity reports

Activities Calendar

The follow-up and calendar of sales is very important in the sales process, this is why we developed a dashboard of activities that will allow you to organize yourself better and assign tasks to your team.

CRM en la nube
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CRM software in the Cloud

Save in the cloud not on your computer

You will never lose your conversations, nor your customers' information. Our CRM platform works in the cloud so you can work from anywhere on any device.

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Connect and control all your points of contact.

Don't miss any messages

Our software allows you to add multiple communication channels such as: Email, forms on your website, WhatsApp chat, among others; so you can attract more customers and give each of them customized support.

Multi Inbox CRM
Automated Responses
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Sales pipeline -

The best customer service is just a couple of clicks away

Automate your work processes, create reminders to contact your customers, assign tasks to your staff and organize your schedule of activities all in one single software.

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