Parrot CRM for marketing teams

Exceed your conversion goals

Parrot is an omni-channel CRM that lets you know your customer better, recognize buying intention by talking to customers and improve your sales conversion rate.

El mejor CRM para equipos de marketing

Conversational marketing

A better marketing through Parrot CRM

An important factor to close an online sale is to know your customer better and guide them through the sales process. Parrot CRM helps you maintain communications directly with your customers and provides tooling to help them through the process (estimates, pay links, etc).


Parrot CRM allows your team to be close to your users on the platform of their preference. Connect your emails, whatsapp, web forms, messenger, etc.

Efficient communications

Our omni-channel approach allows you to keep your communications from different sources in one place as well as following the sales pipeline.

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Recognize your customer's need before they tell you

A big advantage of using Parrot is that our tracking pixel within your website will help you track down your lead's journey, profile their needs better and offer an assertive commercial proposal on the first reply.

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Integrated web forms

Create custom forms to receive your website's leads directly into your Parrot Inbox

Improve the quality of the leads you get by integrating our custom web forms, ask for the valuable data your company needs and create sale opportunities out of form leads on your website.

Know your customer's demographics

Know where you have the most impact

With Parrot you will be able to identify the geolocation origin of the leads that reach your Parrot Inbox, categorize and identify business opportunities based on where people contact you.

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Parrot is the perfect fit for your sales, marketing and support team. A powerful and great unified inbox for all your team needs.

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