Parrot CRM for Sales Teams

Improve your conversion rate and sales funnel

Parrot CRM is the secret weapon for sellers; it brings together the best tools to automate and streamline the sales process.

El mejor CRM para equipos de soporte y atención al cliente

CRM for conversational sales

The perfect tool for advisors who guide their customers through the purchasing process.

Centralize your communication channels

Keep your communication channels in perfect sync. Connect all your points of contact such as: Email, Website, web forms, and WhatsApp. Keep in touch with all your customers from one place.

Improve follow-ups with your leads

With Parrot CRM you will never forget to respond to a customer again, with the help of our activity manager you can schedule your follow-ups and give your leads 100% personalized attention.

Collaborate in real time with your sales team

Make it easy to collaborate with your team, add all your agents and assign the most appropriate sales opportunities to each of them. The division of labour is key to a successful sale.

Design effective sales processes

Aumenta la productividad de tu equipo y aumenta las ventas de tu compañía con un software que se adapte a tu empresa y no al revés. Parrot CRM es un sistema que se adapta tus procesos y necesidades.

Creación de recibos en PDF

Create customized price quotes in minutes

Creating customized price quotes and receipts is no longer time consuming. With Parrot CRM you can quickly generate a price quote with your logo and company information. You can also save it as a PDF and share it with your customer in minutes.

Quick replies in a couple of clicks

Spend time on what really matters, your customers.

Do not invest time in repetitive activities and replies, with Parrot CRM you can create and manage the most frequently asked questions from your customers so with just a couple of clicks you can send payment methods, purchase processes, commercial processes, closings, follow-up messages and everything you need to give premium attention and increase your company's sales conversions.

ParrotCRM kanban

Kanban view

Eagle's eye view for sales managers and sales leaders

Visualiza tus oportunidades de venta de una forma que agilizará la comprensión y control sobre tus leads y prospectos. Las visualización kanban es una forma de tener un panorama completo de tu flujo de trabajo que te ayudará a darle un seguimiento adecuado a cada cliente y que te permitirá gestionar la prioridad de tus proyectos de venta.

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